Annaleah was great! We found her very reassuring and knowledgeable in our pre-birth meetings. She helped me come to terms in advance with my planned C-section and was really helpful when my water broke early and it turned into an unplanned c-section! Her post-partum visits helped me feel less frazzled and more confident with my baby each time. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for an emotionally supportive, caring and well informed doula.


Annaleah was a wonderful addition to our birthing team. She coached us in advance so we felt prepared and knew what to expect in the big day. She joined us at the hospital as we began our induction and helped us make the right decisions for our birth. Things got a little hairy at the end of the labor and Annaleah kept us calm and focused. We really had a great birthday experience in large part thanks to her! Her support hasn't stopped there. Her postpartum visits have been invaluable in our adjustment to life with our newborn. We highly recommend Annaleah's services!


I had no idea if or why I might need/want a doula for the birth of my first baby. When Annaleah gave me an overview of how a doula could be helpful, I decided to be open to the idea and it was the BEST decision I made. Annaleah's energy and vibe was perfect for what I needed. I wanted someone who was in tune with how I was feeling and what I was going through. Annaleah had so many items in her toolkit that were incredibly helpful during labor and birth. She helped me think of the questions and expectations that I wanted to set with friends, family, and nurses/doctors. She got along with all of the family members coming in and out and I never felt any judgement for my decisions. The nurses and I were talking about how outstanding my doula was and how impressed they were. Not all doulas are easy to work with and ALL of the nurses loved her enough to comment on her throughout the day she was THAT good. She also helped with postpartum issues that I was going through (low milk supply, crying all the time from exhaustion) and I always felt 100% better after our talks. If you are fortunate enough to have Annaleah as your doula, I'm so excited for you and your birthing journey. 


I found Annaleah through the volunteer doula program at Birthways. I didn't really know what to expect from a doula, but I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I got to work with Annaleah. She made my birth so smooth and helped me stick to my birth plan. She is great.